Entretien et Vidéo réalisés par Joao Garcia et Pascal Sémur
pour le Centre Intermondes

About my background and photography:

I born to les Sables D’olonne in 1960. At 12 years old my parents offer me my first camera.Little by little the magic of photography won me and quickly I get a photo lab of aborddans room bath, and then at the bottom of the family Garden in order to have a place dedicated exclusively to photography.
In 1977 I made my first trip to Asia by road. I cross the Middle East (Turkey), Middle East (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan), to arrive in India. Then begins a long series of trips to Asia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore with numerous collaborations in various magazines.In the 1990s, I settle in Paris where I alternate travels in Asia, supplementing the story with advertising photography and fashion. In 1996 my Highway crosses La Rochelle where I decide to stop me continuing communication photography and reportage. I realize different exhibitions (IFAD of Nîmes, palais de Tokyo, Seville, Barcelona, Milan).But my mind keeps turning to the East and as soon as the opportunity offers itself to me, I’m off to the India cross these looks that fascinate me so much. My route stops for several weeks in Rajasthan and Shimla in 2004, Ladakh and Omkareswar in 2006, Hampi in 2008 to Varanasi in 2009, the Andaman Islands and South India in 2010. As well as in Pondicherry, India during Art residencies during summer 2011 and 2012.In 2013 I continue the project “between brackets” across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. I complete in 2014 by Burma and Thailand.
India today / grands reportages 1984-1989 photographs of illustration
Asiaweek – 1990 report ‘be Karen to the 3 pagodas pass. ‘
different collaborations between 1995 and 2000 for le Figaro magazine, VSD, Eureka,
Auto journal, the life of the rail, on the ‘intelligent road ‘.
2016 : “Surfaces et Profondeurs” – “Pondichéry : une ville, un lieu, une personne”
Festival Vibrations Poétiques cloitre des Ursuline La Rochelle France

“Photo et Sculpture” en binome avec la sculptrice Sarah Diane Okola
Galerie Esquié – La Rochelle – France

2015 : “Surfaces et Profondeurs” – “Surfaces and Dephs”
Tournée Indienne Alliance Française : Kochi, Chandigarh

2014 : “Surfaces et Profondeurs” – “Surfaces and Dephs”
Tournée Indienne Alliance Française : Bangalore, Hyderabad, Panjim, Goa,
Pondichéry, Trivandrum

“Pondichéry : une ville, un lieu, une personne”
Hôtel de Malestroit Bry sur marne France

2013: exhibition “Pondicherry: A city, a place, a person ‘ and reading in the
                 Hyderabad literary festival, India
2012: exhibition “Pondicherry: A city, a place, a person ‘ Centre Intermondes
La Rochelle in may
Indian tour:
Alliance Française de Pondicherry in July, of Trivendrum in August, Chennai in September.

2011: Exhibition ‘The India look you’ in LTC of artist home Colombani Alliance Française Pondicherry India 2011: exhibition “Indian journey” stops Indian – library academic, La Rochelle 2010: exhibition “eyes of elsewhere” Lycée hotelier, La Rochelle and the Festival of Jazz between the 2 towers”Casino Barriere, La Rochelle “Indian journey” during the calls Indian – Salon du Livre space auction, La Rochelle

2007: exhibition «Strange fashion women» Mudejar Palace of the Alcazar, Seville Days of fashion in Milan and Barcelona

2006: Group exhibition of the days of fashion – Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2003: Exhibition ’round square’ IFAD, Nîmes 2002: exhibition “Rochefort over the Charente” coffee of the CIM (International Center of the sea) Longitudes, Rochefort

2008: Semi finalist of the Hasselblad Master Category portrait
photographie kaboul