Pondichery : A City, A Place, A Person

Pondichery : A City, A Place, A Person

Pondichéry couverture livre

The project consists of a series of photographs and poems, ‘portraits’ of personalities who have participated in the life of their city in some way or the other.
Each photograph and poem connects the individual with his or her city. On the one hand, the photographs are taken in a location dear to this individual, capturing the bond between the person and the place. On the other, the poems go beyond the photographic frame, creating imagined experiences triggered by universal emotions.
A city:                                                                                                                                 Pondicherry: This unique Indian city preserves the traces of its French pastin a typically Indian environment.
A place:
The city has a myriad places which evoke its heady atmosphere: French colonial architecture laced with Tamil heritage, the seafront and its calm, the charming cacophony of the Goubert Market, the facades of temples or churches…
A person
A woman or a man whose physical, intellectual, artistic or political presence ensures that Pondicherry lives on and is in perpetual movement. These people are in love with their city.
A city… A Place… A Person… Three words that led to a coincidence: The tryptique
The project was born during a common residency, an artistic exchange between Anupama’s words and Pascal’s photographic vision.
This is a synthesis of two perspectives, which resemble the city itself: A mélange.

Technical aspect:
Shooting on film, 120 film, drawing on traditional photographic paper followed a turn to gold

Anupama Raju: Poet, Writer, Word-Musician living in Trivandrum, India.
Pascal Bernard: Photographer, Traveler, Independent, free, living in La Rochelle, France.

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