To allow you to acquire an original photograph signed and numbered
within the limit of thirty specimens

here at” the Gallery” you will find only photogaphies original:
An original photograph answers the definition oeuvre of art.
In France,the tax regulation regards as oeuvre of art: “photographs taken by the artist,
drawn by him or under its control, signed and numbered within the limit of thirty specimens, all formats and supports confused”.
Article 98 A of appendix III of the General Tax Code (cgi).
silver Pulling on paper baryté
the format 30×40 in homothety and with margins.
pulling alone:330,00 euros +1,1%agessa : 333,30  euros

examples of homothety:
1986E inde008 2000 ceylan011ok

To order… easy to fill the form orders by precisant the reference of pulling
(below the image in the slideshow)

2000 ceylan011
in return you will receive one mel of confirmation indicating the total amount pulling + port, mode of payment (paypal,cheque)… as well as the times of réalisation(on average 7 days after réception of the payment, following the mode of sends)…..

the form of order

General conditions of sale