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Workshop and Training lab photo black and white .
with Pascal Bernard for 1 or 2 participant (s).
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Workshop for Discovery of the  black and white film laboratory:

You want to discover the world of the darkroom.
Develop a NB film, assimilate the chemical process, make a contact sheet, a circulation of reading, understanding of density and grades and the chemical steps, learn to make a neat on Baryta paper expansion…

Classes take place in La Rochelle with a duration of 4 hours
The cost is 150 Euros per participant and per stage.

Chemicals and paper are provided.

Black and white lab workshop 1: the morning from 9am to 1pm
Silver lab initiation to Black and White:

It is a technical and practical for a period of 4 h whose purpose is to address equipment, implement techniques and on to shoot its first images.
As a result, the trainee acquire a first level of autonomy.

-Presentation and theory on black and white film development. The student view equipment and become familiar with its operation by practical exercises. The different steps leading to the circulation of the photos are discussed.

-Development of a bath film lost (by preference the trainee film) technical development: the stages of the treatment and the procedure

-First use of the enlarger and draw contact sheet

-Review of the negative and the contact sheet which allows to investigate the shooting and to consider a variety of image for potential printing.

-Use of the enlarger and development of the first images on paper RC

This learning has a beneficial effect on the shot, in fact it allows a better reflection on the process leading to the development of a good photograph.

A technical memo paper or pdf of the various stages will be handed to the trainee

Black and white lab Stage 2: the afternoon from 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Advanced training course

It is a technical and practical for a period of 4 h whose purpose and further knowledge of the black and white film laboratory.

-Deepening of the printing techniques, introduction to the print on Baryta paper

Review of negatives and contact sheets.

Reading prints on RC Paper

Exhibition print on Baryta paper comparison

General principles for assessing the quality of a drawing

Determination of the time of exposure of base and optimal contrast

Use of filters for the draw on variable contrast paper

Evaluation and practice of makeup

The drying and the repique

Students can bring their favorite Baryta paper.

Calendar workshop black and white on Saturday:
October 17, 2015 // // November 21, 2015 // // 12 December 2015

Please note that internships can be arranged at other times upon request, subject to availability of each week. Do not hesitate to contact us.


The content of the course may vary depending on the desires of the students.

Let me share in advance.

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