2013 Asia tour

2013 Asia tour

Travel to Sud Est Asia during the year 2013

Slideshow reverse chronological,photographic journey a little to “reverse time”
portraits from the newest to the oldest, a dive in time,
without nostalgia, without compromise or concessions just instant ordinary looks of normal people in their daily mundane …
humanist photography that tells the world that is also constantly changing and evolving.
Take the time to visit this “Expression Photography”testimony of our time in Asia and elsewhere.

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2013 Tanzania


Travel to Tanzania during the year 2013 :
between Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam et Morogoro

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a journey through all azimuth of India Andaman to Delhi
through Pondicherry, Mumbai, Hampi …

It was during this period that prepares the photographic project
“Pondicherry: a city, a place, a person”
my artist residency in Pondicherry  begin in 2011 …

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 In order of appearance the Nepal and India in 2009 again the India in 2008

For me this period marks a new period, I aquiring a good mastery of the Hasselblad 503cx and I decided to not leave with a single lens of a focal length of 40 m/m (equivalent of a 22 m/m for a 24 x 36), which forces me to be closer to my subjects. Also, I decided to set myself on a single type of film Tri – x 400.
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In order of appearance Northern Laos and a view of BilBao in 2007 and India in 2006

I take more pleasure with the Hasselblad square format…

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2005 – 1993


In order of appearance: 2005 Thailand, 2005 Cambodia, 2005 Laos, 2004 India,
2000 Sri Lanka, 1993 Tahiti

The looks are refined and I turn to the square format (120) with a Hasselblad 500 c
I use different films Agfa, Ilford, Kodak, Fuji or foma…

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1989 – 1978


My first pictures between 1989 – 1978,

some are anecdotal, but one way already to draw a real interest for the human portrait…

in order of appearance: 1989  Egypt, 1986  India, Nepal,  Bangladesh, Thailand,  Malaysia, again in 1983  Nepal, Thailand and  India, Sri Lanka (1983 and 1979), to finish  Afghanistan in1978
This series of photos made using a camera Nikon FM or FE
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